Monday, March 07, 2011

fried rice

I recently bought a packet of Muji's fried rice taco. It is taco rice and fried rice all in one dish.

You need to add your own rice and toppings.

The sauce contains a little ground beef, olives, beans and the taste kind of reminded me of chili.

Unlike fried rice which uses cold (old) rice, this version uses hot (fresh) rice. You first heat some oil in the pan and put your rice in, coating it with the oil. Then add the sauce and try to coat everything well.

Dish it up and add some toppings.

I put some iceberg lettuce, mini tomatoes, cheese, a dollop of salsa & some crushed tortilla chips.

This was good and though the packet says it is for 2 servings, I added more rice and got 3 nice servings from it.

I would get this again for a quick throw together meal.

With the xiang chang I got the other day, I used some of it in some fried rice yesterday for breakfast.

I used some cold rice, chopped onion, char siu, xiang chang, a scrambled egg, some oyster sauce, rice, green onions and black pepper.

It was good and I'm glad the xiang chang tasted like what I thought it would, a little sweet, a little salty.

Next time I make this, I'm added a runny over-easy egg.


Dennis K. said...

I miss Muji food!

jalna said...

Okay, time to raid the 'fridge now.

K and S said...

Hope you were able to pick up some Muji stuff while you were visiting Dennis!

Jalna, 'kay!

Take care you two.

Japan Australia said...

The Muji rice series is great isn't it? We liked the Taco Rice, but the Jambalaya Rice was our favourite. I miss Muji!!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Both your rice dishes look delicious. You have made me hungry for a taco salad with rice now. ;-)

K and S said...

Will be on the lookout for the Jambalaya next time I'm in Muji, J-A :)

Hope you get your taco salad with rice, Deb in Hawaii ;)

Take care you two.

manju said...

Both of those do look good! I'm not familiar with the Muji brand... evidently we're really missing something! After reading this with my coffee, I think we'll be having fried rice for breakfast today...

K and S said...

I think in the U.S., the Muji store is only in NYC right now Manju :)

Take care.

Donna said...

That sounds delicious! Even if I can't get the Muji's packet, I think I could probably make something similar. I wonder how it would taste in an actual taco shell? Which I realize you probably can't find in Japan, are you able to find tortilla chips or do you bring them back when you visit Hawaii?

K said...

Yum taco rice is one of my fave quick dinner dishes!

K and S said...

We do have taco shells Donna, Old El Paso?, but sometimes they are stale and I would hate to pay a lot of $$ for something stale :0 so I usually go for the tortilla chips :) which we can also get over here too. If you try this in taco shells, I hope you like it :)

I really should make this more often K :)

Take care you two.