Friday, March 25, 2011


On Wednesday, the water had been tainted with radioactivity in Tokyo, and there was a mad rush on bottled water.

You couldn't even find bottled water in Osaka, in our neck of the woods anyway.

A day later, the radioactive levels in the water have gone is now okay to drink the tap water in Tokyo...really??

The government is also saying that the levels of radiation for some seasonal vegetables are safe to eat but the farmers will not be allowed to harvest or sell them, WT?

If the levels are safe enough to eat, I think we should eat the veggies and not waste the hard work of these farmers.

On top of that yogurt is scarce too, I've heard they were being sent to the disaster areas.

Overall, in Osaka, we still do have plenty to eat. Am thankful for this.

It had been awhile since I went for a walk so the other day, I went to check out the ume (apricot) at Suigetsu Park.

They are in full bloom now, but the wind is still icy even with the sun out.

It is Friday and we're starting our weekend early, hope you have a good weekend.


Rowena said...

People near to and around the disaster area have such a mess to deal with now. News here say the same thing...what a nightmare. I wonder what the gov means about "some" seasonal vegs? I can understand if lettuce is an absolute no-no, but is it that much of a difference if carrots were allowed because they grow underground???

Anonymous said...

Wise to be worried about the tap water. Concern in Vancouver now too.

K said...

The information about the radiation levels seems very confusing, like you said I hope that it's being carefully monitored but not while wasting good resources!

Japan Australia said...

Good to hear that Spring might finally be here in Japan and warmer weather is ahead.

Japan Australia

K and S said...

Apparently the veggies grown in this area are leafy and stuff like broccoli, which grows above ground, Rowena, so far I haven't heard anything about stuff grown underground. But there was one guy who had a garden and he said, he ain't wasting what he grew, he's gonna eat it :)

I think all countries are wary of imports from Japan Anon.

The government has wasted food before, K, which is so sad because consumers end up paying higher prices and farmers lose income :(

Hope so J-A!

Take care everyone.

Patzie said...

it's such a big fuss over here in Thailand on importing Japanese food. Too fussy that annoys me like yesterday I went to Hokkaido food fair in hoping to buy Shiroi Koibito only to find that the custom has not let them in yet. I mean, why so panic? they have manufacturing date and before 11 March should be okay isn't it?

it's okay to be caution but not overly done.

Hope you have a good weekend, Kat.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Very scary Kat--I saw them say don't drink it and then that it was OK--definitely makes you wonder. :-(

K and S said...

I guess they are just being cautious Patzie. It would be more unfortunate if they didn't check anything and then AFTER you ate something from Japan you learned it had radiation in it.

I know Deb in Hawaii...everyone is now drinking bottled water in Eastern much for saving the environment by cutting down on plastic bottles...catch-22.

Take care you two.