Friday, March 18, 2011

the mood

The mood in Osaka is pretty much normal, people are out and about.

Here and there you can see people stocking up on toilet paper, facial tissue as well as bottles of water.

Yesterday we had snow and flurries. I think Spring, if and when it gets here, will be very, very short this year.

Since I had an appointment in Osaka, I tried one of Starbucks' new cake pops, I think it came out for their 40th anniversary.

This one seemed like chantilly cake with chantilly frosting in the middle...pretty good but expensive at 200 yen (about US$2) for one.

The new logo is on most items here too...

Supplies and help to shelters are still being hampered by bad weather and bad roadways. On top of that, gasoline is very sparse in the area.

Many survivors want to leave the area to stay with family members outside of their prefecture but can't because they have no gas for their cars!

Some in shelters froze to death because they don't have enough gas to heat the shelters properly.

Kind of an ugly cycle, hopefully it all can get sorted out soon.

Some people have offered me places to stay to wait out this nuclear power plant thing, and I am thankful for your concerns.

For myself, I am not too worried, I believe they are doing what is necessary to keep us safe.

It is Friday here, we have a holiday coming up on Monday, I hope your weekend will be a nice one.

UPDATE: got another e-mail from my friend in Sendai, they are out of the shelter and back in their home, they have electricity but no gas nor water. I have asked them if they need anything and hope they respond.


Unknown said...

It's sad to read that people in shelters froze to death. why supplies cant reach them?

K and S said...

Tearybabe, a lot of the roadways were covered by landslides as well as many were damaged by the tsunami making bringing supplies and rescue teams in very difficult.

Take care.

Japan Australia said...

Unfortunately, the weather is quite bad at the moment with cold conditions and snow making it more difficult for the areas affected by the disaster to be helped. Hopefully it will start to warm up sooner rather than later.

Japan Australia

Anonymous said...

Sad. Please take care of yourself and Satoshi. (And restock whatever emergency supplies you need!)

K and S said...

Thanks J-A, looks like it will rain over the weekend :(

Thanks Anon.

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

I hope the weather takes a turn for the better. It's sad that folks have to go through this. My Mom's side of the family is originally from Fukushima, so they are horrified by all that's happening.

OkiHwn said...

Just read of how the hotels in Osaka have been booked solid for the near future - people leaving Tokyo. Some foreign government have moved their embassies there too.

Deb in Hawaii said...

It is hard to feel so helpless about doing anything other than sending money to the Red Cross and such. :-( I hope it warms up there soon and that you continue to stay safe Kat.

K and S said...

I hope all of your family are safe Kirk!

Yes many embassies have moved to Osaka, Nate. Hopefully everyone coming down this way will be safe too.

So true Deb in Hawaii, I also gave a donation. It apparently will warm up (with rain) this weekend but go back to cold next week :(

Take care everyone!