Sunday, March 13, 2011

kibun tenkan

"Kibun tenkan" literally means change of feeling. Most people use this phrase to mean a change of pace. We really needed it over the past couple of days.

The horrifying scenes on the television were and still are unbelievable. We can't believe it is in Japan that everything we are seeing has happened.

We feel helpless not being able to do anything. Watching everything starts to get us down so we need to get out, away from the television, kibun tenkan.

We packed a bento and headed to Suigetsu Park.

Many families were sitting under the trees enjoying the apricot and peach blossoms.

It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm.

Lunch was tamagoyaki (rolled omlette) with shiofuki konbu (seasoned kelp), kinpira, yatsumi-zuke, umeboshi (pickled apricot).

Some temari-style musubi (plain, yukari (ground salted perilla leaves), curry)

For dessert, chocolatiest crinkles and some green tea.

The news on the earthquake has been going non-stop. Hopefully I will get word from my friend soon, most of the phone lines in the area are down I am told.

I hope your week will be a good one, keep the affected areas in your thoughts, I will too.


manju said...

Glad you were able to get out today for a little while, Kat. And what a beautiful space you found! I was reading about how unusually deserted Tokyo streets/subways were this weekend. Is it same in Minoo? We keep you all in our hearts.

jalna said...

Beautiful plum blossom shot. Your food looks yummy too!!

K and S said...

Actually things seem pretty normal in Minoo Manju, hopefully the aftershocks will stop for that area soon.

Thanks Jalna :)

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

Japan has been in the news here (almost nonstop, it seems) and I can totally see why it's important to get out. I really hope nothing catastrophic comes out of the problem with the nuclear reactors.

Kris B said...

I know what you mean about the TV news. Take care of yourselves. Blossoms are good for the soul.

Kathy YL Chan said...

am glad you're safe kat :) that's a beautiful picnic lunch, especially the tamagoyaki!

Unknown said...

I'm so so sad to see everything right now what happened in Japan.
I'm all the time in thought with you and pray for you.
Hope you hear from your friends soon.
I hope it's not even worse.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I've been watching the news footage a little obsessively as well and am feeling very down. Going out sounds like a great idea.

OkiHwn said...

yes, nice bento you packed!

Parisbreakfasts said...

You and Japan are in my thiughts these days Kat.
The photos are almost incomprehensible..
I'm glad you got out in the peach blossoms for a little break.

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - I'm glad you were able to get out and have a respite from all that is going on.

Japan Australia said...

Glad to hear that you are getting back to normality. The news reports here are horrifying and hard to watch at times. Our hopes and wishes are with you Japan in this time of need.

Japan Australia

K and S said...

there were some explosions at the plant Rowena, hopefully everyone will be safe.

Thanks Kris B!

Thanks Kathy, keep the rest of Japan in your prayers :)

Thanks Mokiko, I hope so too.

Take care Anon.

Thanks Nate!

Thanks Carol!

Thanks Kirk :)

Trying to J-A, will take some time.

Take care everyone.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Kat, I am so glad you got out and away for a while at least. Looks like you were not the only one doing that. It is so hard to see all the footage--my heart just breaks for everyone affected. Hope you hear news about your friend soon.

K and S said...

Thanks Deb in Hawaii :) I hope to hear from her soon too.

Take care.