Tuesday, March 19, 2013

dokodemo cap

What do you do when you open a package that doesn't have a "zip" type top?

Put several rubber bands around it to close it? Put a clip on it?

Well, I recently found this gadget at the 100 yen shop. And it is called the "dokodemo cap".

You may or may not know about the dokodemo door from Doraemon, a Japanese cartoon. (It is a door that allows you to go anywhere.)

This cap allows you to put a cap pretty much anywhere. The gadget itself is 3 parts, one for the inside of the bag, one for the outside and then the cap itself. Best part is that it is made in Japan.

So far, I have only used it for my rice. I swear the Japanese have gadgets for everything.


KirkK said...

That's pretty handy Kat. I wonder if we have this here in the states.

jalna said...

Very, very cool!

K and S said...

would be cool if you can find it there Kirk :)

Jalna, I know, yeah?!

Take care you two.

Lindsay-Jean said...

Ooh fun, I like it! I also like our AnyLock bag sealers, which don't seem to be as readily available in the States as they are in Japan.

parenting articles said...

that is really cool! :D

Rowena said...

It looks like something that would be useful for bags with liquid contents since the cap is round. I use everything from rubber bands, scotch tape and clips, but for the most part I usually store opened stuff in plastic containers or glass jars.

K said...

I've seen hacks for this with people cutting the tops off of bottles, but this looks much better (and safer) haha. Also, I love Doraemon!!

K and S said...

I should check out anylock bag sealers too, LJ :)

Thanks PA!

I don't know if liquids may leak, Rowena, will let you know if I try :)

definitely safer, K :)

Take care everyone!