Saturday, March 30, 2013

drizzly foodie thursday in kyoto

DSC03805 It's cherry blossom season here.

But, the weather hasn't been too cooperative. Still, that didn't stop Tamakikat and I from checking out the blooms in her area.

In fact, the day we met up it was drizzly off and on the WHOLE day.

DSC03806 So, all my photos from that day have a gloomy greyish background.

DSC03812 Just imagine a clear blue sky background...

IMG_3569 Lunch was at the Doshisha University cafeteria.

I had the daily special...500 yen. Roast pork with a tomato curry gravy, a piece of fried eggplant, cole slaw and some foccacia.

The pork was a little fatty, but for 500 yen, I think it was a good deal, not to mention quite tasty.

IMG_3562 Not only were the cherry blossoms in bloom, but the mokuren (magnolia) also.

IMG_3574 Dessert was at a cafe called Mo-An (mow-ahn) at the top of Mount Yoshida.

After climbing all those stairs up, a coffee float was in order.

Lots of walking, lots of talking, lots of drizzles....all in all still a great day!

Check out my Flickr photostream for more photos, they are tagged with "kyoto" "2013" "cherry blossoms".

Thanks for a great day Tamakikat!

Hamac de Paradis: Kanbai-kan
Doshisha University
Phone: 075.251.0880

At the top of Mt Yoshida
Phone: 075.761.2100
Hours: 11:30-18:00
Closed Mondays


Rowena... said...

I know I must've said it before, but whenever you 2 get together it's always a fun day.

KirkK said...

Actually, I think the dark skies really give the cherry blossoms a more haunting look. Which I find interesting.

K and S said...

too bad you don't live nearby too Rowena :) we could hang out together!

definitely haunting, Kirk :)

Take care you two.

K said...

I'm sorry the weather wasn't great! The coffee float looks delicious!

K and S said...

the float really hit the spot, K :)

Take care.