Monday, September 23, 2013

49 day service

DSC04241 Yesterday, we had my Mom's 49-day service.

I've written about 49-day service in the past, here, but there wasn't much detail about why it is done.

In Buddhism, 49 days is referred to as "Chuin", which means neither the present world nor the the middle.

Apparently, after a person dies, their karmic energy is held in limbo for 49 days before taking another form.

So, observances every 7 days until the 49-day service are made in hopes to help the deceased receive a higher rebirth.

In Hawaii, most families who are Buddhist hold 7-day and 49-day services.

Unfortunately, we skipped the 7-day service...sorry Mom!

I hope by having the 49-day service, my Mom will be able to move on to the next world.


Rowena... said...

Always interesting when you share these cultural aspects of religion. Not sure what they (Catholics anyway) do in Italy, but when my grandparents (dad's side) passed away, we had a memory service one year later.

K and S said...

Hmm, Rowena, I wonder what Catholic religion does?

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat,

Although my family is not Buddhist, my mother's family is and they do 49 day services too. Recently they've started doing 7 day services on the day of the funeral. They have a funeral service first and then immediately after the funeral they have a 7 day service for just the family.

They also hold a yearly service for my grandparents (who I've never met). I like that it's a time for everyone to gather and remember those who are no longer with us.


K and S said...

Hi Myra, in Japan we have 7 day services right after the funeral also. We should've done that for my mom but we didn't :( The memorials for those who have gone before us, is a great way to gather and remember them.

Take care.