Sunday, September 15, 2013

foodie thursday

I'm really lucky to have a BFF that is willing to take a day off to spend some time with me. (Thanks Wen!)

Our adventure started off with donating some things to the American Cancer Society.

As I was cleaning up some of my mom's things, I noticed that she had two new bottles of wig shampoo/conditioner and a new wig brush...I hope someone else will be able to use them.

From there we went up the, it had been ages since I took Pali Highway...

And landed in Kailua.

This town is bustling with a lot of new shopping areas and eateries.

We went to check out Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop. 1 malasada each, not blazing burn your mouth hot but just right...each 90 cents plus tax.

We agreed, not as good as Champions, and for the price they are kinda teeny, but, we enjoyed the crispy outsides and airy insides. (I'm pretty sure these were the same malasadas I tried at the Portuguese Festa earlier this year too.)

After our snack, we checked out Whole Foods, I liked that this location wasn't as crazy crowded as the one in Kahala.

Then we headed out to Waimanalo for lunch...Sweet Home Waimanalo.

This place was featured on a national food show and was noted for their tofu black bean burger and brisket.

Wen tried their tofu black bean burger with bok choy slaw.

She really enjoyed their slaw and their "burger" had a nice smoky bbq taste to it. (She let me taste part of her burger)

I was kinda impressed she chose this because she usually takes out most of her veggies and puts them on the side whenever we eat out...

And I went with their local beet salad...beets, baby greens, feta cheese, cucumber, thinly sliced red onion, garlicky croutons and a honey citrus vinaigrette...$8.95 + tax

I liked the sweet-salty-puckery combination of this salad.

For drinks, we both opted for their complimentary water with lemon which is located outside near the tables.

They need a little more parking (we had to park along a side street), but we agreed their food was good.

After lunch we headed back to our neck of the woods and walked around Target.

Most times when we go to Target we never buy anything, but this time around we found this...

Crunchy Biscoff Spread! I had seen this on the internet and knew that it had existed but had never found it in Hawaii.

The shelf was almost bare too (no wonder they had a sign with a limit on how many bottles you could purchase...)

As we were heading back to the car, Wen mentioned that someone in her office had found some guri-guri (a kind of sherbert popular in Maui) in Aiea and that they serve it like soft serve.

So we stopped at Samurai and had some of their swirled "soft serve" guri-guri. (I think they said the flavors were strawberry & vanilla?!)

It was so humid and hot so this really hit the spot. (Thanks Wen!)

Afterwards, we swung by Cookie Corner so that I could pick up 2 oatmeal chocolate chip with walnuts for my breakfast over the weekend.

I've been hooked on their cookies, especially for breakfast, with some coffee...they're kinda nutritious right?!

And then when I dropped Wen off, she gave me some of her mom's banana bread (with mac nuts) good! (buttery with just the right amount of banana and nuts)

It was a nice foodie day, I'm glad the weather was cooperative for the most part. But best of all, I'm glad I got to spend some time with my BFF. (Thanks again Wen!)

Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop (UPDATE: 2018 no longer in business)
46 Hoolai Street
Kailua, Hawaii
Phone: 808.262.5367
Closed Mondays

Sweet Home Waimanalo (UPDATE: 2016 no longer in business)
41-1025 Kalanianaole Highway
Waimanalo, Hawaii
Phone: 808.259.5737

99-115 Aiea Heights (Aiea Shopping Center, ground floor)
Aiea, Hawaii
Phone: 808.484.2200
Closed Mondays


Rowena... said...

Great foodie day from start to end. So nice that you and Wen got to do this.

K and S said...

I am too Rowena :)

Take care.

K said...

What a fun and delicious day!

K and S said...

indeed K!

Take care.