Friday, September 20, 2013

meal club

DSC04369 Foodland has a meal 5 "meals" (sandwiches, salads, bento, etc.) and when the card is filled up, you get a free meal.

IMG_4140 So, for my free meal, I tried their garlic chicken plate.

Meh...too salty. It wouldn't have been bad with just the shoyu garlic sauce, but they went and salted the fried chicken before dipping it into the sauce.

I'm not sure I would get their plate lunch again, but I really do like their other "meals".

p.s. you know that typhoon that hit Japan recently, Man-yi, it hit Kyoto, so I called MIL twice with no answer. I then emailed BIL and he said they were okay..whew!


Rowena... said...

Cool deal, and actually the first that I've heard for a major supermarket chain in Hawaii. I'm not even on the up-and-up on supermarkets in the islands. Foodland and Safeway for sure on Kauai, but then Star was taken over by Times? Longs? Forget already. Costco is still definitely in if I am to judge what my dad says about him liking to go there!

KirkK said...

I'm glad your In-Laws are doing ok Kat.

K said...

I'm glad everyone is doing ok!

K and S said...

me too Rowena :) I think Star was taken over by Times and Longs by CVS, though they still call them Longs so that they don't lose customers ;)

Me too K!

so am I Kirk!

Take care everyone!