Monday, February 03, 2014


For dinner sometimes we have some pupus (appetizers) and then a little something to drink. Satoshi likes his Japanese beers, but I tend to try different craft beers...

Like this one from Blue Moon, it was kinda fruity.

Aooni (blue devil) is a Japanese made IPA. 7% alcohol, this one was fruity too but had a kick to it.

Portugal's Super Bock Stout was smoky, with a little chocolate hint.

Scotland's Black Isle Hibernator Oatmeal Stout said that it was nice with vanilla cheesecake.

They were spot on.

What have you been drinking lately?


Rowena said...

Wow, score on the beer variety. I am still crazy for the Longboards (of course!), until something else comes along. European distributors should get with the program and start importing Japan beers!!!

K and S said...

Rowena, there is a new "flavor" koko brown that came back in season for kona brewing, I hope to find it here...

Take care.