Saturday, February 08, 2014

pork stock

So, after boiling the pork to make rafute, I kept all of the stock, which came out to about 4 cups.

With 1 cup of it I tried making ju-shi, which is an Okinawan rice dish cooked with veggies and pork.

I tried a recipe for fu-chi-ba-ju-shi (fu-chi-ba is yomogi (mugwort) in Okinawan, ju-shi is rice cooked with veggies and pork)

Anyway, I didn't have fresh yomogi, and the recipe didn't really have a specific amount to add to the rice, so I just added some julienned kale at the end.

The flavors were really light almost bland because I didn't add any pork when I cooked it, just the pork stock, a little shoyu and gobo (burdock root), I think this was good for Satoshi since he's supposed to watch his salt.

And with the rest of the stock, I threw almost everything I had in my fridge into this soup.

Some thinly sliced pork belly, ito-konnyaku (stringy devil's tongue), tofu (soy bean curd), gobo (burdock root) carrots, daikon, kim chee, a little miso (soy bean paste), a little leftover rice and the pork stock.

The ito-konnyaku made it seem like we had noodles in the soup and was perfect for the cold snap we had.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.


CAB said...

It might have been mild in taste but it looks delicious!

K and S said...

Thanks CAB :)

Take care!

Rowena said...

I had some mugwort seeds (freebie from a seed company) some time ago but never planted it since I had no idea on how they could be used in cooking. A shame that they are already expired.

K and S said...

dried form is used when making mochi green, time :)

Take care.