Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So what did I do on my birthday? Well, I had an appointment early in the morning in Umeda.

Afterwards, I went to check out Salon du Chocolat at the Osaka Isetan.

They had a chocolate "bar" so I had champagne (Janisson Baradon Vendeville Brut) and chocolates...1155 yen.

It was almost 11:00 but I figured it was happy hour somewhere in the world...

Here are the chocolates I tried...Arnaud Larher's Magie (with the magic wand: red berry tea ganache), Jean-Charles Rouchoux's Praliné sésame (with the french flag: sesame ganache, olive oil & basil essence), Franck Kestener's Privilège (textured top: cinnamon flavored almond praline, ginger confit & caramelized rice puffs)

In my defense, can I just say there were tons of other housewives doing this, and the one sitting next to me was already on her 3rd drink when I sat at the counter?! (ahem!)

Anyway, after having some bubbles and sweets, I went to look for lunch.

I ordered the City Bakery's burger...980 yen. Since I wanted avocado and bacon it was 200 yen extra for each item! And my iced coffee another 360 yen.

This was a monster of a burger...they don't add fillers, just beef, so it was kinda on the dry side.

At least they give you half an avocado and about 3 slices of bacon...

The waitress laughingly said I could use the paper wrapper to pick up the burger or use my knife and fork.

I ended up eating it with my knife and fork...I was so full afterwards!

There was also some really salty veggie pickles (in back of the burger) and some delicious potatoes, so I didn't eat the bun.

That night, Satoshi was coming back from a business trip, traffic was bad (because all of Japan was supposed to get snowed on), so by the time he came back it was 8:30-ish. Dinner was late by my standards (I usually eat earlier), luckily I had had that huge lunch to tide me over.

We had some wine and nibbles for dinner and for dessert, Angelina's Mont Blanc. Chocolat for me and the Standard (chestnut) for Satoshi.

Satoshi gave me these cute "Kat" towels. The towels are so soft. Love the black cats on them too.

I also got my wish of some snow and received lots of messages and cards from family and friends. I also enjoyed all the messages on the giveaway post.

All in all it was a nice birthday...thank you everyone!


Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Kat! It sounds like you had a great day!

Kathy YL Chan said...

Happy Birthday, Kat! Happy you had such a sweet (and delicious) day ^_^

Lindsay-Jean said...

You don't need a defense -- it was your birthday! Glad it was a good one!

Kozue said...

I know Salon du Chocolat. Their chocolates for St. Valentine’s Day looked fantastic, but I gave it up because they were too expensive… Great for your birthday!

K and S said...

Thanks Lauren :)

Thanks Kathy!

Thanks LJ :)

Yes there were lots of expensive chocolates Kozue :)

Take care everyone!

Wishful Thinker said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! So kute da Kat!!

Rowena said...

Aww...thanks for taking us along on your birthday celebration. The Kat towels was like icing on the cake (makes me want to change my name!).

K and S said...

thanks Jalna :)

he he Rowena :)

Take care you two!

K said...

Happy birthday Kat! Chocolate and Bubbles, sounds like a great way to start the day!

K and S said...

Thanks K!

Take care :)


KirkK said...

Looks like a nice Birthday Kat! It was your day, you should have had more than one drink! ;o)

islandgirl1223 said...

Happy Birthday Kat!!!

K and S said...

he he Kirk I had wine with dinner :)

Thanks Islandgirl1223 :)

Take care you two!

OhayoBento said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Those towels are absolutely adorable :) It sounds like you had a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day! Happy belated birthday, kat!

K and S said...

Thank you OhayoBento & Su-Lin :)

Take care you two.