Tuesday, February 17, 2015

les goûters

There is a tiny pastry shop near Utsubo Park called Les Goûters. Goûters in French means "snack" or "little taste".

While I was waiting for Satoshi, I went in to check them out.

They had a lot of baked treats, but what caught my eye were their "crayons".

Chocolate that is flavored and formed into crayons.

You can't write with them (I tried) but they would definitely make a cute gift.

I like how the package shows you what flavors you are getting.

We tried coffee, goma(sesame) & kinako(soy bean powder).

My favorite was coffee. Kinako's flavor was kind of non-existent.

We also tried their earl grey cookies, these could've had more tea flavor, but I liked the crispness of the cookies.

Even though they are take-out only, I wouldn't mind trying their cakes, I'll be back!

Les Goûters
1-14-28 Kyomachibori, UTSUBO+2 Bldg, 1F
Nishi-ku, Osaka
Phone: 06.6147.2721
Closed Mondays
Hours: 10:00-20:00


KirkK said...

Hmmmm....now you can actually eat your crayons, yeah?

K said...

Those crayons are too cute!

jalna said...

Hahahaha! I woulda tried to write with um too!

K and S said...

Kirk, yup :)

They really are, K!

lol Jalna :)

Take care everyone!