Monday, February 09, 2015

over the weekend

Over the weekend, I turned another year older.

I had breakfast at City Bakery. Their shrimp avocado egg open sandwich. This was so good! I have to try to re-create this one.

Since it was Satoshi's last day for his German class for the semester, we had a late lunch at Echi Ponte Vecchio.

Lunch started with a salad...lots of different veggies and topped with lots of proscuitto.

I had a glass of sparkling wine, while Satoshi had a glass of red (the wine portions are definitely better here!)

I ordered their Winter Veggie Pizza. This was also topped with little dollops of their salami dip.

The dip gives the pizza a little salty zing. I loved all the different veggies on it, especially the brussels sprouts.

Satoshi had their mushroom pizza.

All sorts of mushrooms and thin slices of proscuitto. Love the white sauce.

To end espresso for me, a coffee for Satoshi and some of their truffles. They have bits of citrus peel in them which was nice with the rich chocolate.

Since we had such a big lunch, dinner was simple..salad and dessert! (and a little wine)

We bought some sweets from La Pâtisserie des Rêves. I have been wanting to try them for awhile.

Especially their Paris-Brest (mini). Hazelnut creme filling, so good!

Fraiser...simple and not too sweet. There were big pieces of strawberry in it which was nice.

I like their fluorescent pink "stoppers" these keep the cakes from sliding around in the box.

If you did some shopping (or eating) at Lucua, bring your receipt of 1000 yen or more to the Lucua customer service counter and get a pretty rose....until Valentine's Day!

Satoshi also gave me a bouquet of flowers. (thank you!)

I also received some ice cream cake from my host-sister, as well as emails, and lots of nice messages from friends and family on FB. (thank you!)

A rather low-key birthday. Just the way I like it.

We have a holiday on Wednesday making this week a short one. Hope you have a good week everyone.


KirkK said...

Happy Birthday Kat!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Kat! I love how Japan comes up with the little things like those "pink stoppers"! Mich

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk:)

Packaging here is not good for the landfills Mich, but really creative & cute:)

Take care you two!

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday Kat !

jalna said...

Happy belated, Kat!!

Rowena said...

happy birthdaaaaaaayy!

K and S said...

Thank you Joanna, Jalna & Rowena :)

Take care everyone!

K said...

Happy belated birthday!

K and S said...

Thank you K!

Take care.