Tuesday, February 10, 2015

okinawan instant curries

A couple of weeks back, we tried two Okinawan instant curries, for Curry Friday.

One was a soki (sparerib) curry, this one had lots of tender spareribs in it. And an awamori (Okinawan liquor) keema curry.

The awamori one is on the left and the soki one on the right.

I didn't care for the awamori one, it had a really heavy alcohol taste to it, like the alcohol wasn't cooked off.

I'm glad we got to try these and would definitely buy the soki one again.


KirkK said...

Ick, raw alcohol flavor is not good unless it's in a cup.....

K and S said...

I agree Kirk!

Take care.

K said...

Ooh, sparerib curry, yum!

K and S said...

really good K!

Take care.