Friday, June 19, 2015

foodie thursday in kobe

Yesterday, I went to Kobe despite the weather being forecast for rain.

The postcard for this year's Mariage Frères' Summer tea came and I wanted to pick it up as soon as possible since the number of samples were limited.

This year's summer tea is called "Summer Yuzu", a green tea base with yuzu zest and other citrus notes.

My first stop was Ça Marche, the tiny bakery that I've written about before here.

I picked up their patchwork bread and also their pain perdu (french toast) that was covered with dark chocolate and candied iyokan (a type of orange) peel.

Then went a couple doors down and popped into Kitano Groceries to see if they had small packets of ground turmeric, they didn't but they did have all sorts of other spices, it was nice to window shop there.

It started to drizzle while I walked down towards BAL (where Mariage Frères is located) and since it was close to noon, I stopped into Le Dimanche for lunch.

I chose their lotus root tartine (a baguette with slices of chicken and lotus root covered in cheddar cheese) and their donut.

Since I was eating in their shop, I needed to purchase a drink (in Japan, most places don't allow you to just have water), so I ordered a small iced coffee.

The girl at the register in her own world says to me, "what would you like to drink?"

I replied, "a small iced coffee".

She then says, "small or large"

I replied, "a small iced coffee"

She then says, "hot or iced"


At least I had the whole upstairs eating area to myself.

Too bad I didn't notice the toaster oven earlier, that tartine could have used a little heating up.

Dunno that I would eat there again, pick up and go definitely sounds the way to go here.

Then I headed to Mariage Frères.

Since I needed to purchase something in order to receive the sample, I got the "Imperial Russia", a Darjeeling base with lots of citrus notes.

I was kind of bummed that they only sell from 100 grams. I was kinda hoping they sold smaller sizes, like 50 grams so I could try more teas.

The guy at the counter let me smell all sorts of different teas, talk about sensory overload!

When I got home, I cold brewed both.

This morning I had the pain this! so much candied peel and the semi-sweet chocolate matched perfectly.

I had the Summer Yuzu with lunch...meh, too perfumy and fake.

On the other hand, I did like the Imperial Russia which had a subtle citrus flavor.

Some hits and misses.

We'll be having the patchwork bread for breakfast tomorrow (Saturday).

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


R Y said...

My favourite okonomiyaki place is across from BAL in Kobe. I think I've mentioned it before, though, so I won't repeat myself!

Have you tried Bolero, yet? I think it makes great iced tea!

There used to be an Indian provisions store in an apartment building somewhere north of Kobe Grocers (or at least up the hill--don't know if that's north or south or...). It's in the same apartment building as Kusum Hombu, I think. Comparatively cheap prices for all sorts of Indian ingredients, including beans, spices, etc. I wish I could remember the name!

KirkK said...

I was recently asked twice "are eating your to go order here or is this take-out?" By a totally clueless young lady......I feel your pain.

K and S said...

hmm am trying to remember if you told me about the okonomiyaki place Rona. Yes, I tried Bolero and love it, especially as an iced tea. I saw that Indian Provisions on a blog, will check it out next time I go to Kobe.

Kirk, sad yeah?!

Take care you two.

R Y said...

The okonomiyaki place is Kagetsu or Hanatsuki or something like that (the kanji are flower and moon, I think). My favourite is the buta cheese, but mochi cheese is good, too (though heavy)!

Anecdote, the last time I was in Japan (when we met!), I went to my okonomiyaki place, and the owner recognized me. We chatted and he asked why he hadn't seen me in so long. I told him I had finished my teaching job and moved back to Canada. He replied, "Oh! I thought you were an exchange student!" And since I was at least twice as old as most exchange students, I was pretty chuffed!

K said...

So... did you want an iced coffee? What size? haha!

K and S said...

That would make me feel good too Rona :)

K...oy, lol!

Take care you two.