Friday, June 26, 2015

r valentino

Monday, my Twitter friend, H, invited me to have lunch with her, her daughter and a friend that was visiting from Hawaii.

Lunch was at R Valentino.

The owner is from Calabria, Italy and you can see him walking around chatting with customers and helping out with the service too.

Really homey atmosphere.

We all ordered the Lunch A...with antipasto, choice of pasta or pizza, dessert and choice of beverage.

The antipasto was a slice of omelette (frittata?), a slice of proscuitto, some fried fish and a little veggie garnish.

For the pastas, we chose spinach and shrimp cream fettucine, and sausage zucchini spaghetti.

The pizzas were margherita and a spicy salami. Love that these were baked in a brick oven, the crust was crisp yet a little chewy too.

We shared everything, so good and filling!

Dessert was a mango panna cotta and since the restaurant was celebrating 20 years, they also gave us all a little scoop of vanilla gelato.

I loved the Bialetti espresso cute!

Not many pictures we were too busy chatting and eating.

I hope H's friend enjoys the rest of her trip.

Thanks for a great day and for treating me to lunch, H!

R Valentino
4-5-13 Kano-cho, Nuova Spirito Building 3F
Chuo, Kobe
Phone: 078.332.1268
Lunch: 11:30-14:00, Dinner: 17:30-21:00
*Reservations advised


R Y said...

I've been to R Valentino, too! (I think) It's known for its pizzas, but I prefer the wood-fired pizza at Fontegara near Koyoen Station (or maybe Kurakuenguchi?).

R Valentino is also near my favourite Turkish restaurant, Caydacira!

K and S said...

Yes, they are known for their pizzas too Rona. I still have Fontegara on my "to try" list. Have bookmarked Caydacira too, what do you recommend there?

Take care and come back soon so we can go eat!

jalna said...

Ooooh. Everything looks so good!

K said...

Ooh yum, everything looks great!

KirkK said...

That looks and sounds nice Kat!

R Y said...

I used to go to Caydacira at lunch on weekends, and I'd get the meat pide or the cheese pide set. I don't know if they still offer that set, though, but they still have pide!

The アジュル エズメ is quite good, too. Spicy, from what I remember! And get extra bread to go along with it! I know I've had the kebabs. I think they were probably good--not too dry, and they were flavourful.

K and S said...

everything was good Jalna :)

it really was K!

really authentic Kirk :)

Rona, just noticed on their website that they closed in 2014. A smaller casual shop is now at Harborland, will bookmark this shop instead and hope to check it out soon.

Take care everyone!