Monday, June 08, 2015

le weekend

We started the rainy season here, though there have been more sunny days than rainy ones.

How was your weekend?

According to my archives it's been ages since we've eaten at Felice.

We re-connected with them on Saturday.

I had their chicken. Super crispy skin. The meat really tender. The sauce was a shoyu base, caramelized onion, so good.

Satoshi had their omurice & fried shrimp combo.

Their food is still good.

After dinner, we walked towards Minoo Falls to check out the hotaru (fireflies).

There weren't as many as last year, but we were still excited to see some.

Sunday the weather was hot and humid.

We walked to Ikeda and checked out Suigetsu park.

The hanashobu (irises) still pretty.

There was also a sign for white lilies at the Ikeda castle ruins, so we checked it out but it needs another week or so, so we'll try again.

Hope you have a nice week.


R Y said...

Hi Kat, Is it really warm there now? I finally got a little organized, and wanted to send you some stuff! But it can wait until fall if it's too warm for chocolate to be mailed.

K said...

Mmm, crispy skin!

K and S said...

the weather is flip-flopping Rona, if you want to send it please do:) Thank you!

indeed K!

Take care you two:)

KirkK said...

Few things as good as crispy chicken skin!

Rowena said...

we have been getting more rainy days which I'll gladly accept (no need water the garden!) but I just hope we don't have a cold snap.

K and S said...

so true Kirk :)

gosh, I hope you don't have a cold snap, Rowena!

Take care you two.