Monday, September 05, 2016

square furniture coffee stand

I've been wanting to check out Square for some time, we finally got to this past Saturday.

The 1st floor is a furniture shop and the 2nd floor is their cafe and work area. They also have some furniture for sale there too.

Most of their furniture is 2nd hand stuff but they also make tables from large pieces taken from trees too.

Fill out the order form and bring it to the counter.

Pay and then wait to be called.

I ordered the spare rib curry, this came with a "Fred Flintstone" sized sparerib, more like huge pork rib (I think it was pork).

Too bad this wasn't "fall off the bone tender".

The saffron rice that came with this was bland and the curry was more like beef stew....1600 yen (tax included)

This also came with a beverage (I chose iced coffee).

Satoshi chose the veggie curry, this was the same base as the curry I had, but his meal came with a frozen orange gelatin & beverage (he chose coffee)...1600 yen.

He also ordered his meal with a large serving of rice (no extra charge), but regretted doing so because it was so bland.

We both agreed that their curry was way too "heavy" and "rich" for our liking. In fact, we ate salad for dinner because we were still full from lunch!

Still, we like the atmosphere of this place, so we'll be back.

Square Furniture Coffee Stand
1-8-58 Senba Higashi
Minoo, Osaka
Phone: 072.737.9234
Closed Thursdays
Hours: 11:00-16:30 (Weekdays), 11:00-17:00 (Weekends/Holidays)


KirkK said...

Kind of a strange name....and look like more quantity over quality Kat!

K and S said...

indeed quantity over quality Kirk!

Take care.

K said...

Oh too bad about the food, the space does look neat!

K and S said...

it really was nice K!

Take care.