Thursday, May 18, 2017


I accidentally squished this guy between the glass doors on our lanai & heard it scream, he was dazed, but I'm glad he escaped when I shooed him with a stick...hope he'll live❤︎how's your monday going?!  #dailystuff #lizard #eep #osaka #japan The other day as I was closing the sliding doors on our lanai, I heard a little squeal.

I looked down and this guy was squirming between the doors...

(In Japan, our glass sliding doors both move. Unlike the ones I've seen in Hawaii where one moves and the other does not.)

I freaked out and quickly opened the door and he was dazed.

With a stick, I tried to coax him outside.

It took some time to get him outside, and it seems he was okay...whew!


Anonymous said...

aww I'm glad Kat. I love lizards they eat all the bugs. I think they're cute. I sometimes grab a widdle baby one just to see it's cuteness. N

Rowena said...

:O poor little thing!

jalna said...

Glad you had the wherewithal to take a photo to share!

KirkK said...

Hopefully he was just a little stunned and is ok and back patrolling the neighborhood!

K and S said...

I appreciate them too N, for eating all the bugs:)

at least it didn't die, Rowena :)

Take care you two.

K and S said...

ha ha I was trying to take a photo of it Jalna, from behind the screen but ended up having to open the screen door to take the shot...

I hope so too Kirk!

Take care you two.