Thursday, May 04, 2017

then & now

Twelve years ago (pre-blog), we checked out the area where the first Japan high school baseball tournament was held in Toyonaka, Osaka back in 1915.

Nowadays, the games are held at Koshien stadium during Spring & Summer.

Recently the area was refurbished.

I am bummed that they chopped down the tree that was there...why does Japan always kill the trees whenever they rebuild stuff?!

Love the baseball themed items around the park, like the places to sit.

The light fixtures.

The barriers around the park.

Across from the park, is a memorial area with plaques of all the winners from the games (only the summer games though).

This year the 99th tournament will be held.

It was nice to reconnect with this park.

Japan High School Baseball Tournament Memorial Park
3-3-1 Tamai-cho
Toyonaka, Osaka
About 7 minutes walking distance from Hankyu Toyonaka Station

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