Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I've seen these guys, usually at Tokyu Hands.

I'm not really one to sample things before buying, but the lady selling these kept putting different dried fruits into my hand...

I like that the dried fruits I purchased are "made in Japan"...Aomori apple, Setouchi lemon & orange.

Usually whenever I see dried orange, they are but these were really soft.

I chopped up some to top our oatmeal this morning.

It was delicious and a nice way to brighten up a grey morning.

How's your week going?


jalna said...

Hey, your oatmeal looks good!!

Tamakikat said...

Love the color.

Rowena said...

I bet they would be great in xmas bread, but oatmeal sounds good too. we are having crazy weather, it can't make up its mind!

K and S said...

Thanks Jalna :)

me too TK!

I saw you had rain, Rowena, hope it is at least warm there!

Take care everyone!