Tuesday, May 30, 2017

tea festival

Untitled They recently had a tea event at Hankyu Department Store.

There were so many brands I wanted to purchase to try, but their teas were all in large quantities, nothing really small to "just try".

I did get these though...Steven Smith Tea Sampler (6 different teas--2 black, 2 green & 2 herbal) and 2 types (Isabel & Kokorobijin) from Creha (pronounced ku-ray-ha), a tea maker from Saga prefecture in Kyushu.

The Creha teas are floral & fruit flavored and are perfect for cold brew style.

How are you keeping cool these days?


Rowena said...

well....it just occurred to me that by bringing half the garden out on the terrace, it has been much cooler than before (so I think that counts?) - thank goodness for the cool breezes we've been having!

K and S said...

you are so lucky to have cool breezes Rowena!

Take care!

KirkK said...

Better hide this from the Missus...she spent like $$$ at Ippodo when we were in Kyoto and boxes from Lupicia keep appearing at my doorstep!

K and S said...

I can believe she would do some major damage at these fairs, Kirk :)

Take care!