Tuesday, July 11, 2017

espresso soda

Tried the espresso soda at City Bakery.

Love that there is a slice of lemon in there.

After I tried it the most stinkest dude sat upwind from me sending his stinkiness down towards me...gasp!

Thank goodness I was already finished eating...

Deodorant people!


Anonymous said...

Your expresso soda sounds refreshing and must be especially nice with the humid summers there. Ugh, I had a similar experience with a really stinky person sitting nearby at Zippy's. Can you believe my friend and I had to get our desserts to go because it was so bad?! Yikes!

Rowena said...

haha...I was just reminded of the stuff I used to think when anything bad-smelling blew my way---killah whiffahs!

KirkK said...

Oh my goodness Kat. Talk about nasty......kusai!

alibaba37 said...

LOL at "Deodorant people!" I am sorry that happened to you and am thankful you were done eating. Makes me gag just imagining the foul odor. hahahaaa

K and S said...

eep Anon!

I used hauna Rowena, but killah whiffah is a good one too.

indeed Kirk :p

it was so gross Alibaba37 :p

Take care everyone!