Thursday, July 13, 2017

gion matsuri

Was doing a little cleaning yesterday and came across this furoshiki that I think we received from a friend of the Gion Matsuri.

The Gion Matsuri is a festival that occurs during the month of July in Kyoto.

I remember the first (and last) time we saw the Gion Matsuri.

It was 2001, our first year in Japan.

I was not used to the summer temps and it was so hot and humid that I got heatstroke...

Not to say that I am anywhere near "used to" the summer temps here.

Anyway, I will gladly watch the parade from my tv (with a/c), but if you are brave enough though, I'm sure it would be something worth checking's the schedule.


Rowena said...

I'm with you on watching cultural events on tv, especially if you know it's gonna be super hot and super crowded! we watch the horse race in Siena every year at the start of July--no way will I ever go there to see it in person.

jalna said...


Jo said...

I lived in Kansai for 12 years and never saw Gion Matsuri - way too many people and way too hot . Mind you I never went to Kobe to see Luminarie ,and that is in December when the heat can not be used as an excuse for not going .

K and S said...

too bad we don't live closer, we could party watching these events Rowena;)

Thanks Jalna:)

but fahreezing weather could be an excuse Jo :)

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

It does sound better watching on tv Kat.....better not to risk heatstroke!

K and S said...

indeed Kirk!

Take care!