Monday, January 22, 2018

loaf (dinner)

Saturday night we went to check out the Loaf's dinner menu.

There were some customers but not totally busy.

Dinner started off with their antipasto which comes with some salad.

I liked the carrot salad with a hint of orange in it.

And the frittata was served warm.

Between this and our main dishes there was such a long wait...

My main dish was grilled chicken with BBQ sauce.

I really liked how tender the chicken was and the roasted veggies served along side was good.

Satoshi had their steak which he said was very tender.

Despite the wait for our main dishes it was a nice meal.

Total with drinks was about 5600 yen (tax included)

I think the next time we come for dinner, we'll order different pupus...we'll be back.


KirkK said...

Looks pretty good Kat.....not sure I like the name tho'! ;o)

K and S said...

Aw Kirk, it is a bakery/cafe...

Take care!

Rowena said...

maybe it was one of those "off" nights for the kitchen, but next time I hope you also check out their breads.

K and S said...

I have Rowena, and go almost every week to pick up stuff for good! I especially like their flaky cinnamon rolls!

Take care.