Wednesday, January 17, 2018


 Over the weekend, you may have heard there was a false alarm in Hawaii, sending panic across the State.

BFF, Wen said she didn't even get the alert on her phone...yikes!

Thank goodness it wasn't real but I'm sure it was still quite chaotic and scary.

I am not too sure what we are supposed to do here in the event that we get the "notice", but hope the government here will give us more details on what to do.

Yesterday though, I received this "message" at Starbucks on the back of my matcha pudding..."each day is a gift".

It truly is.

Be kind to one another.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, different people, different areas got different alerts. Only my phone got an alert but no sirens, and tried to find a radio or tv station that was broadcasting the alert but nothing, so I assumed it was a false alarm. Some areas got sirens and some people saw alerts on TV so I can understand the panic, but was still so amazed at the reactions.
Maybe it's my "in denial" nature, but I figure, nothing you can do, not enough time to do anything, so just go on.

KirkK said...

That was really crazy button pushed....

jalna said...

I reacted the same way as V. Oh, but me and my sisters did text our goodbyes to each other.

Rowena said...

when I spoke to my Dad, he said that he just went outside and waited for the tsunami. crazy times....

Rona Y said...

I have a question for you, Kat. What are your top places to eat in the Honolulu area? A co-worker is going to be staying right on Waikiki Beach, and he's into both fine dining and those places popular with locals, but hidden to most tourists. Any suggestions for him?

K and S said...

V, if it really happens I really don't think we'll be able to do much of anything...

it really was Kirk.

Jalna, at least you were able to text each other.

scary Rowena!

Rona, I would suggest him going outside of Waikiki if he wants to eat at places popular with the locals...Alan Wong, Roy's, Pig & the Lady are some of my favorites. Others that I haven't tried (but want to) and have heard good things about are Mitch's Sushi, Tonkatsu Tamafuji. Hopefully your co-worker will enjoy his stay!

Take care everyone.

K and S said...

Rona also the eateries in Internaional Marketplace are buzzing on social media like Street, Herringbone & B.patisserie. though I’ve not tried them.
Take care.

Kal said...

Each day is a gift indeed :)

K and S said...

it really is Kal!

Take care.