Friday, April 06, 2018

this and that

Monday, I called our city for an emergency bulk pick up.

The manual that our city gives us states that you should at least give them a week's notice to schedule the pick up.

And the minimum cost would be 2470 yen for 1 square meter (10 square feet) of bulk garbage.

So when I called on Monday, the guy that answered said, "when did you want the pick up?"

I told him if he can do it sometime this week that would be great.

He said, "we can come tomorrow afternoon"...whoo!

Then he told me to put everything into our garbage pick up area by noon.

So it took me 45-ish minutes to lug everything down.

This was the one time I wished we had had an elevator...

As I was waiting for the truck to come in the afternoon, this particular Tuesday was our actual bulk pickup day.

Boy, the guys in the truck were having a field day putting on red stickers that indicate we have put out the bulk garbage incorrectly.

I ran down to tell them that I had requested emergency bulk pickup.

They immediately removed the red stickers and were off to pick up others' bulk garbage.

Then in the afternoon another truck came (the one I requested), they determined that I would only need to pay them 2470 yen and within 5 minutes the two guys had thrown everything in their truck and were off.

I wanted to share with you that the Japanese have an expression when their feet are sore...they say that their feet are laughing...while in America, we say they are crying.

My calves are definitely crying and not laughing...

I am super glad they were able to schedule the pick up this week and that I can move on to other things that need to be done.

Today, I went to get my root canal checked.

I also told the dentist that after he is totally finished, I will move to Tokyo and that if he could recommend a dentist there.

Next Monday they will take a mold to make a cap for the tooth.

Then the week we move to Tokyo, I need to come back to Osaka to get my tooth totally finished...

Satoshi said this before going to Tokyo..."we are definitely gonna need some R & R after this"...yup!

Have a nice weekend everyone.


K said...

I'm glad the bulk pickup went (somewhat) smoothly and earlier in the week!

Anonymous said...




jalna said...

Getting there!

K and S said...

me too K!

it's so cold Tomomi! stay warm!

slowly but surely Jalna.

Take care everyone.