Sunday, April 08, 2018


We got the place in Ikegami that we wanted.

We're on schedule to move this coming Sunday.

I'm just waiting for the RE agent to send us some measurements so that I can have Satoshi order my appliances through the moving company.

We need to order as soon as possible so that they can have them ready for when we move in Monday morning.

I've been packing and doing a little more purging.

Boy do moving boxes take up space!

I kind of wish that the shop who will take the furniture (for a fee) we are giving up would've come earlier than the moving day so that I would have more space for moving boxes, but I think they have a contract with the moving company and can only do it on moving day using the movers...sigh.

In a way it is a good thing that Satoshi is not around (he'll probably freak out when he comes home this Friday), there is only a tiny area to walk, though doing this all myself is running me a bit ragged.

On Wednesday, the boxes for our dishes will be delivered, no wrapping, just slide them into slots.

Over the past two days, I was trying to get as many things into boxes.

It is amazing how much dust accumulates and I can only imagine how gross it will be after they move out the refrigerator, washer and book shelves...eep!

We've also hit a cold snap and wouldn't you know it I already packed my warm clothing...brr!

It's been kind of sad too seeing everything going into boxes, things that were once on the wall aren't there now...the room kind of echoes too.

Whenever I go to the store or out to get some lunch, I walk my different routes and silently thank the things (flowers, sceneries) I used to look at on my walks.

AND I definitely need to go on a diet after this since I've been trying to eat all the sausages, butter and cheese in my freezer...eep!

Tomorrow I go to the dentist to get a mold made for the tooth they are fixing.

Hopefully it will be sunny and I can get a bit of positive mojo.

Anyway, that's what's happening...hope you all have a nice week.


Kalin's Mommy said...

Wow, seems like everything is happening quite fast!

No wrapping for the dishes!!! Sounds good to just place in a box with slots! We had a heck of a time emptying our kitchen last summer for the renovation, can't believe we had so much stuff and purged so much! Mich

Kentucky Lady said...

Moving is always such a pain! Sounds like you have everything under control. Leaving is hard, but think of all the new adventures. Can't wait to read about your Tokyo walks and new restaurants.

K said...

Even moving from my studio apartment last Fall, I couldn't believe how much stuff I had stashed away! Good luck with packing and your tooth!

K and S said...

amazing the amount of things we all keep and store Mich!

I hope I have everything under control Laura, looking forward to checking many places that I've had bookmarked for some time now :)

Thank you K!

Take care everyone.

KirkK said...

Seems like things are falling into place Kat!

K and S said...

kinda sorta Kirk:)

Take care!