Thursday, April 12, 2018

this and that

In Japan, since space is premium, everything is measured.

The other day, we got the measurements for the pan where the washer will sit.

Not all apartments have them, so if you don't have one there are precautions you need to take, just in case your washer overflows...

Anyway, since I got the measurements for the pan I looked at the movers catalog but was concerned the washer I wanted would not fit, so I called the moving company.

They weren't too sure if it would fit, so I called an appliance store...of course it would fit because they wanted to make a sale...

I then called the maker of the washer I wanted, the guy said that if the measurements we received were the inside perimeter of the pan, not the edge/lip perimeter of the pan, then the washer would fit.

I then called the real estate agent who gave us the measurements and asked her whether the numbers were from the inside of the pan or the edge/lip, she confirmed they were from the inside of the pan...whew!

Long story short, I was able to order the washer I wanted...

Also, since some of Japan's bedding is futon (comforter) style.

The moving company gave us several of these bags for our futon.

This is actually 2 bean bag chairs...that's how huge this is (I guess I should've take a side shot too, so you can see how big the bag is)

This particular moving company has a code with their means "fragile"...yellow means "I want to use this right away"...white has no meaning.

Square boxes are used to pack heavy things like books.

Rectangle boxes are used to pack light things like clothing.

There is even a really long rectangular box that they gave us, which is for kimonos, but I used one for our umbrellas instead.

The boxes for the dishes came, and while appreciate that I didn't have to wrap them, a lot of my dishes didn't match the sizes of their!

We use these plastic boxes that we brought with us when we moved from Hawaii to store a lot of things.

The moving company only allows clothing to be kept in them for the move (this is because the boxes would be too heavy for them to carry if they allowed other things in them), so we had to transfer items we had had in them and put clothing in them instead.

I still have a little more packing to go...mostly jams, pickles & dried foods, just before I need to pull the plug on the fridge/freezer...

AND it is supposed to rain on Sunday...hoping this all goes smoothly.

Send us good mojo...Take care!


Anonymous said...

This washer pan thing is the most sensible thing I've heard of! I wonder why we don't have this here? My daughter had a condo several years ago and her washer leaked several floors down. Fortunately no one (so far) has filed any claims for mold or damage! I think this happens fairly often. Even my former boss said his upstairs neighbor's washer leaked while he was away on an extended cruise and came back to all kinds of water damage to their unit.
Since many Japan companies require their employees to move around, Japan's moving companies seem a lot like the military here. I think the military movers do most of the packing themselves. I've heard they even pack dirty dishes and food stuff that were not taken care of before they come.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the washer pan is so sensible! And the different colored tapes and their meaning - it just makes so much sense.

sheri miya said...

You must be Superwoman. Not sure how you are managing packing up and organizing the whole house move by yourself! When I moved cross country the movers packed everything for me; just watching them was exhausting. Glad things are progressing smoothly!

Rowena said...

gahhhh!! I really should not have read this so early in the morning (when my brains are still engaging), and I hope to heaven that we never ever have to move!

alibaba37 said...

Sending all the good mojo and smooth move vibes your way! Best of luck!!

K and S said...

we definitely needed one in Hawaii, V, when the dishwasher overflowed:0

Satoshi is doing all the phone calling Sheri, me I’m just packing the boxes. When we moved from Hawaii to Japan the movers packed everything which was good and bad because we didn’t know what was in the boxes...

Rowena, we’ve decided to stop buying books and when we do our big cleaning at the end of the year, we are gonna purge some more!

Thank you Alibaba37!

Take care.

jalna said...

Thinking of you this weekend! Good luck!

Jo said...

All the best on Sunday Kat ! Hope it is a dry and sunny day !

Anonymous said...



KirkK said...

Hope things are moving along (no pun intended) well Kat! I forgot what a hassle moving is.

Jo said...

Hope your move went well Kat ! Was the weather OK ?
Happy unpacking and have fun getting to know your new neighborhood !
Can not wait for posts about Tokyo restaurants and coffee shops .

K and S said...

Thank you Jalna!

Thank you Tomomi :)

Thank you Kirk!

The weather was okay, Jo :)

Take care everyone.