Tuesday, July 17, 2018

15 cents

If you live in or planning to visit Hawaii, a new law applies a 15-cent charge for bags which started on July 1st.

Groceries, clothing, pretty much anything needing a bag will cost you 15-cents (each) unless you brought your own bag (s).

The only thing exempt is take out foods.

It can add up if you forget your bag.

I like that it will cut down the amount of plastic bags Hawaii will be using.


Rowena said...

I thought Hawaii would've stepped up their game by now, but it's too bad that composting organic material is still not a fact over there. We have the option of biodegradable bags at the supermarket for 1 cent (smaller ones in the veggie section) or 10 cents (larger ones at the checkout). Wake up Hawaii! Plastic is hurting our environment!

KirkK said...

It's ten cents a bag here Kat.....we used to try to bring our own reusable bags anyway. Much better for the environment.

K and S said...

Hawaii is behind on recycling Rowena, especially with the plastics.

10 cents is still a lot Kirk, glad you bring your own bags.

Take care you two.