Thursday, September 13, 2018


We tried a soba shop near the Hasunuma station, Hiroeya.

While their soba was delicious, I think the place could be a little cleaner...eek!

Not sure if we'll be back, but I'm glad we tried them.

1-17-14 Higashi Yaguchi
Ota, Tokyo
Phone: 03.3731.3097
Hours: 10:30-21:00


Rowena said...

dirty restos give me the heebie jeebies, but if the food is really, really good, I close one eye and hope for the best ^-^

jalna said...

Okay, so now I have to go make me some soba although it won't be as good as yours was.

KirkK said...

That soba looks good.....though cleanliness does matter....

K and S said...

I'm kinda glad I didn't need to go to the restroom, Rowena...

still yummy though Jalna :)

I agree Kirk :)

Take care everyone.