Wednesday, September 12, 2018

on the lanai

So far, these are the only plants left on my lanai.

The tropical ones...because we get the afternoon sun and it was blazing this summer...

At least the ti plant has babies...

And the pineapple looks like it is getting big.

I will need to dispose of the other plants, not sure if the freesia survived, will find out after winter.

Hopefully the cyclamen is okay too...for now though these are the only ones that are still alive...sigh.


Anonymous said...

and of course, the weeds always survive! LOL

K and S said...


Take care.

Anonymous said...

Awww you have a bit of Hawaii with you! Didn't think they could survive during the winter. -N

Rowena said...

wow, ti plants...would love to grow those if we had them here, but come winter, I would need to drag them in the house.

jalna said...

I love and am envious of your green thumb.

KirkK said...

Looks like things are doing fairly well in spite of the crazy weather.

K and S said...

I usually bring them indoors N!

yes, I do bring the tropical ones indoors Rowena :)

my trick is not to spend more than $1 if possible Jalna, that way if it dies I won't feel too bad that I spent a lot of $$ on it :)

Thanks Kirk :)

Take care everyone.