Friday, December 06, 2019

grey friday

Last night they shut off our water from 23:00 until 6:00 to work on the water mains in our area.

Just before 6:00 I heard everyone in our building using their water, so I knew that the work was done and we had water once again.

I usually wake up at 5:30 to make Satoshi's bento, but since we couldn't use the water until 6:00, I got to sleep 30 more minutes...whoo!

Today was grey and cold..single digits..9C (49F)...there is talk of maybe some snow or flurries this weekend.

I went to check out the new Pig and the Lady restaurant that opened up in Ebisu.

I was asked if I had reservations upon entering.

I didn't and was glad I was able to get a table for lunch.

The menu has some of the popular items that the Hawaii restaurant has, but since it was fahreezing, I ordered a bowl of pho ga (chicken).

It was delicious, the chicken tender and hit the spot.

Hope to bring Satoshi here, so he can try their food too.

I noticed this line of ginkgo trees near the station.

The yellow really brightened up the grey and gloom.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Pig and the Lady
1-4-15 Ebisuminami, Ebisu Ginza Cross 2F
Shibuya, Tokyo
Phone: 050.1743.1650
Hours: Weekdays lunch 11:00-14:00, dinner 17:00-23:00, Weekends & Holidays 11:00-23:00


Anonymous said...

Even though cold, so cool to have snow. I've only experienced really light kind, twice at Kurobe Dam and once at Mt. Charleston by Las Vegas. It melted almost as soon as it land landed on us.
Pho ga is my favorite pho especially if they use breast meat rather than thigh. Feels "cleaner."
It's rainy here this morning.

Rowena said...

this month it was supposed to be sunny....but so far only a couple totally sun days and the rest hazy, or cloudy, wth? digits in the 1 to 5 range, but thankfully ground not yet frozen solid and I could plant some bulbs.

K and S said...

V, I like snow as long as it isn't a lot where we would need to shovel...though I guess if I had to shovel, I could "work out"

Rowena, hope you get some sun days.

Take care you two!

K said...

Looks delicious!

jalna said...


K and S said...

it was K!

so good Jalna :)

Take care you two.