Wednesday, December 18, 2019

santa came early

Santa came early for Satoshi...he got a new phone...

We've been using iPhone for awhile now and we decided to get new phones because these days our batteries do not keep the charge for very long.

So Sunday, we went a little after his cell carrier store opened and even though he told them what type he wanted, they tried to get him to go Android.

At one point, he was going to switch over to Android...because it is WAY cheaper than an iPhone.

You should know that the main reason Satoshi uses an iPhone is because his "manual" (me) uses the iPhone (so I can tell him how to use it)...ahem

Man, when he first switched from flip phone to should've heard me (try to) explain to him (in Japanese) about how to use it, what wi-fi was, etc...

The part that frustrates me is that every time he has a problem with the phone, he asks me to help him and while he's asking me, he is tapping away on the screen trying to fix it himself...grr

At first he was going to get the iPhone 11 Pro with "medium sized" memory...but after much thought, he purchased the iPhone 11 with a medium sized memory chip instead.

gads...we spent almost 3 hours at that store because they not only try to sell you the cell phone but also cable television, combining your electricity and gas, in other words, all kinds of other stuff...

We were starving by the time we got out of there and went to eat lunch.

I thought I had posted about this shop but I think I only did on Instagram...

Aona serves beef katsu and other dishes...the first time we tried them, I tried their beef katsu but it was super sinewy...bummer.

This time around I had their beef stew...while I loved the rich demi-glace sauce and veggies, their beef was so dry and kind of hard..meh!

After re-fueling, we went to my cell carrier store and went to see if they had the model I wanted...nope.

I needed to put in an order BUT they couldn't give me a timeline as to when it would come!

So...for now, Satoshi has his present from Santa, there are some differences from our 5s to these 11 models, so I hope to figure them out on his phone before my phone comes in.

Aona (UPDATE: 6/2020 no longer in business)
5-13-1 Kamata, GranDuo East 6F
Ota, Tokyo
Phone: 03.5713.6426
Hours: 11:00-22:00
Open when GranDuo is


Anonymous said...

Applaud your patience in trying to deal with HIS new phone. Maybe that's the reason why I stick with Samsung because that's my excuse for not having to deal with it, but that doesn't stop him from asking. Since my battery doesn't hold it's charge well anymore, I was thinking of iphone, but thanks for reminding me why not, LOL.

K and S said...

I hope you get a new phone (and car) too V!

Take care.

KirkK said...

Lol Kat! Kudos to you for being "Tech Support"....make sure you get paid well!

K and S said...

Kirk :) will do.

Take care!