Monday, December 16, 2019


Saturday, Satoshi went to a catch-up lesson for his German class, so afterwards we met in Shibuya.

And walked 30 minutes to Roppongi.

I've seen the Keyakizaka area on television and wanted to see it in person.

The best part of this view is Tokyo Tower all lit up.

If you go up on top a walkway between Roppongi Hills, you can get a shot of Tokyo Tower and the street below.

Afterwards we went to the Marunouchi area, which didn't seem as "sparkly" as the Roppongi area.

You can check out more photos and videos here, if you are interested.

I'm glad we were able to get out and about to check these areas.


K said...

Very pretty, glad you got a chance to check it out!

K and S said...

Thanks K! I really liked these areas!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! what I like is that the lights are entwined all through the branches. Maybe because we have mostly coconut trees here, everyone just wraps the trunks so there are all these columns of light. I think it looks creepy. Wish they would go up into the fronds too.
from a bah humbug person,

jalna said...

So pretty!!

K and S said...

V, I had never thought about how the lights were entwined, that makes sense with the coconut trees...I like these LED lights they are a little "softer" than the ones from back in the day.

Jalna, it really was!

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Lovely photos Kat! Thanks for sharing.....really puts me in the holiday spririt.

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :)

Take care!