Monday, July 20, 2020

okita seimai

Last Thursday, I went to Hatanodai.

On most Thursdays, I buy something for Satoshi's Friday bento, so that I have "a day off".

The bento I bought for Satoshi looked like this one but had a piece of salmon instead.
Whenever I go to Okita Seimai, I usually buy musubi to eat with my bento, but they are not making them during this pandemic.

I think it is because their kitchen area is quite small and they are trying to prevent crowding.

So instead of a musubi, I instead picked up their ohagi...can you believe there are 2 ohagi under all that sweet bean paste?!
I ate 1 and kept the other one for Satoshi.

Over the past week, Tokyo's case numbers have risen and it doesn't look like the people in charge have "a plan" and only want the economy to get back on track...sigh.

A "nice" thing was that the temps were similar to May over the past couple of days, which means we actually needed warmer clothing, but at least there was little humidity.

Satoshi will be working from home this week and we will continue stay at home as much as possible.

Hope everyone has a safe week.


KirkK said...

Glad Satoshi is working from home this week! Stay safe!

R said...

Sorry, off subject but persistent rascal computer menehunes on my end limit my messaging. Found your "spring cabbage shumai" recipe. What is "spring cabbage". Googled it. All over the place! Not collards is it? Though I've had that soul food dish and it is delicious!
Would the shumai hold together using ground chicken? During the pandemic, I need to simplify but just had a thought: wouldn't this be great with fish paste? Only thing, the best paste is in Chinatown. Also the best roast pork. & for now I am self-limiting myself to stores real close by. Your "steaming" technique caught me eye. So smart and practical! & less to clean up. & so far no parchment paper hoarding yet : ) Am trying not to fry/splash. W/ all the sanitizing/disinfecting I do, one more cleaning with one more cleaning solution is too much. Again, thanks. Stay safe. I'm glad you're in Japan.

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :) you guys stay safe too.

R, spring cabbage is like regular cabbage except it comes out in our stores during "Spring" and the leaves are a little more tender than regular cabbage. You can use collards, chinese cabbage any type of leafy green actually, julienned it wilts nicely. I use ground chicken most times because when the shumai is steamed a nice chicken broth comes from the shumai, I usually serve the shumai in this broth...and you could probably use fish paste too. Hope these ideas work for you, stay safe :)

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

we're getting reports of 'hot spots' where numbers are spiking for new cases and I'm like, what the hay, are these people not heeding all precautionary measures? in the torrid heat of summer, people still getting sick and dying, even if the totals compared to a couple months ago are much, much lower. when will this ever end...

K and S said...

Rowena, apparently heat will not kill the virus because they were seeing spikes in Singapore, I hope the virus will weaken, but it looks like it transforms. The experts here are thinking we are in the 2nd wave...

Take care!