Tuesday, September 22, 2020

chichibusan ruby

Came across this variety of grapes called Chichibusan Ruby.

Apparently they are hard to grow.

I was a little disappointed because the fruit is oblong, but wasn't "crisp" like the Pizzutello Bianco variety.

The fruit was sweet but not really sweet like the Pizzutello Bianco.

Maybe I bought an old batch or maybe it isn't fully ripe?

Still, I'm glad we got to try this variety.

It's the first day of Autumn and a holiday here.

Satoshi has to work so it is just another day for us.


Saburo said...

I watched an episode of Matsuko no Shiranai Sekai late last year that focused on grapes. A million domestic varieties but the main point hammered home was that the best-tasting ones had seeds.

Which is probably why I don't grab 'em from the salad buffets. Seeds, ack!

Anonymous said...

How disappointing. They really look like some grapes on sale here. Trying to remember is they were sweet and crisp. Best kind although I do like red globes too.

If Satoshi has to work on holidays, do they get something like comp time? Being Japan, I doubt it yah.

So hot here today. I was sitting in my car waiting for Ken to finish his appt and even with the windows down and sort of a breeze, I was dripping. Turned engine on couple of times for the a/c, LOL.

We're wondering what's in store after Wednesday when this shut down extension expires. SO! TIRED!

Rowena said...

yep, crispy grapes are better, imho. it could be that chichibusan is not so much, or less crispy?

jalna said...

I love crispy, sweet grapes!

K and S said...

Saburo, I think seeds, bones etc helps with the taste of fruits and meats :)

V, yeah I think they are old, kind of weird texture. Satoshi's position doesn't get holiday pay nor overtime :(

Rowena, I like crispy too :)

Jalna, crispy is good yeah?!

Take care everyone!

KirkK said...

More beautiful grapes....love the produce in Japan!

K and S said...

most are really good quality Kirk!

Take care.