Tuesday, September 15, 2020

supermarket finds

Some items we recently stumbled upon at the market...

Follow Dressing...onion, garlic, this creamy dressing is delicious on salad but also nice with pork.

Hoshi imo (dried sweet potato).

This particular brand uses Tokushima grown sweet potato.

It is more semi-dried than fully dried and super sweet.

Another brand of hoshi imo uses Ibaraki grown sweet potato.

This brand has a little more "pull" with a slight sweetness.

JIF! most shops in Japan bring in Skippy.

Growing up my mom almost always had JIF.

When I saw this at the market, I had to get some.

Belgian butter waffles...these remind me of pizzelles.
Calcium furikake...they grind up dried fish and add sesame seed, seaweed and other ingredients.

Don't sneeze when eating this, your furikake will "fly"...trust me

Pizzutello Bianco...is back!

So good!

What have you been enjoying lately?


Rowena said...

JIF! I grew up on that, but if I do find american pb here, it's skippy. great finds!

Anonymous said...

Don't sneeze while eating furikake good advice. lol

jalna said...

Ho, that dried sweet potato would be good omiyage!

Anonymous said...

Everything you found sounds so ono except the butter waffles. I don't really care for pizzelle even though I also tried with ice cream, I think it's the crumbly texture vs. crsip.

I like that hoshi imo too. When we hiked the Nakasendo trail, there was a house that had a basket on a bench with bags of hoshi imo and a sign for 100yen per bag. Sure regret not buying more, they were so good. It was just honor system too.

I don't recall seeing those grapes here, but Japan grapes are so good. Maybe I'll find them in Whole Foods.

I think I grew up with Skippy's so that's usually what I pick in the market. I like chunky!

I'm trying to train myself not to buy produce from Costco. Since our eating/cooking habits have changed, I've been tossing so much stuff that goes bad since can't eat them fast enough. mottainai!

K and S said...

Rowena, I wonder why Skippy is more commonly exported?!

lol Bonny :)

It would be Jalna :)

Yes V, Japan grapes are delicious! I like chunky pb too. You should see which produce can be frozen if you have space in your freezer.

Take care everyone.

KirkK said...

Oh man; those grapes look good Kat!

K and S said...

Kirk, this variety is really tasty!

Take care.