Friday, September 18, 2020

this and that

You may have heard that we have a new Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, he was actually the Chief Cabinet Secretary in the previous administration.

He is the 99th Prime Minister of Japan and the 10th one to hold office since I moved to Japan in 2001.

Hopefully he and his cabinet will be able to carry out their duties until the next election next September.

I reconnected with this baked/roasting recipe using furikake for a batch and everything but the bagel seasoning for another batch.

I like both flavors and am sure I will be roasting more veggies in the coming weeks.

I used my last packet of Noh's char siu marinade and made some boneless pork and chicken.

We had the chicken for two meals in salad and with veggies.

After slicing the pork, I put it into the freezer.

I want to make baked manapua with some of the pork and hope to make some before the temperature gets cooler.

Poor Satoshi he's been coming home so late (midnight) that I only give him some soy milk so he can go to sleep soon after bathing.

Since I go to bed later too, after I make the foods for Satoshi's bento, I take a 30 minute nap while I wait for the foods to cool.

After the 30 minutes, I pack his bento then start making breakfast...

While I eat breakfast, Satoshi eats "dinner".

Can you believe one day he texted me at about 17:00 (just as I was getting ready to make dinner) to tell me he was just about to eat lunch!

I used to make 1 big musubi for him to eat with his lunch, but now make two smaller ones so he can eat one with his lunch and one later in the afternoon.

The sunrises have been beautiful when we do get them, most other days have been rainy or cloudy.

Even on the rainy or cloudy days, it has been super humid...blah!

Tokyo's numbers this week were as low as 80 and as high as 276 with numbers significantly rising in the suburban areas, which means our area...gah!

Technically it is the start of a 4-day weekend but we aren't planning to go anywhere, hopefully Satoshi will be able to get some days off too.

Hope you have a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

What insane work hours - I thought Japan was trying to make a 'family friendly' pau hana time? What is he doing so late, just curious. And he eats only ONE musubi for a meal? Dang I can eat at least 2 or 3 :( -N

Anonymous said...

Now I really can't wait to try those roasted kabocha or sweet potato!

I really had to laugh when your IG follower posted about watching Dexter and seeing your picture of char siu chicken. In case you don't know, Dexter is a forensic pathologist on a Showtime series. He is a secret vigilante who goes after really bad criminals who have somehow evaded capture or judgement. Because of his skills, he can dispose of their bodies and no one knows he is the one doing it. I seriously think they use the marinating char siu chicken as a prop to show how he disposes of some of his victims, LOL. IT really looks like it! ;O

Poor Satoshi, and poor you! What a stressful situation that he's too tired to eat dinner and you have to wait up, plus trying to figure out lunch and snack. Please tell him to take care and keep his resistance up. You too!

anonymous said...

Beyond cruel... totally insane work hours for your husband & the way it also affects you. You both deserve a full holiday weekend and more. Take very good care, Kat.
P.S. Continuing West Coast fires have made air quality & hot weather severe here. Covid & now this... What a year.
Best, sc reader

K and S said...

N, if it wasn't for the pandemic he would be out with friends, but he's been working long hours.

V, I had to look up what "Dexter" was...don't think I could watch a show like that.

SC Reader, hope the fires & pandemic are under control soon.

Take care everyone.

KirkK said...

Hope Satoshi gets some time off and more reasonable hours Kat.

jalna said...

Beautiful sky photo!!!! Do they have overtime pay in Japan?

K and S said...

Kirk, he had 3 days off.

Jalna, they have overtime pay but Satoshi's position does not.

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

I'm sorry to hear that Satoshi has been burning the midnight oil - those crazy hours! hopefully things with settle soon....for everyone affected by the pandemic.

K and S said...

I hear you Rowena, hopefully this pandemic will get under control soon for everyone.

Take care!