Monday, October 12, 2020

green burger

Earlier this year, MOS burger came out with a plant based burger called Green Burger which is supposed to replicate their signature MOS Burger.

I got around to trying it recently.
(photo of the MOS Burger)

The Green Burger's patty is made from soy, konnyaku (jellied devil's tongue) and cabbage.

To be honest, the patty was kind of rubbery, but at least it wasn't dry.

One thing MOS did was omit the five pungent veggies that Buddhism avoids...this is called "gokun" (literally 5 pungent roots).

The basic list is onions, rakkyo (ramps), chives, green onion and garlic. 

(Some also add coriander and mustard cabbage to the list of pungent veggies to avoid.)

The Green Burger has a little more carbohydrates, no cholesterol, less fat, a little more fiber and a little less salt than the MOS Burger.

The bun is green because they mix some spinach puree in it.

I'm glad I tried it, I think it is a nice alternative and would buy this again.



KirkK said...

That's a rather strange looking bun Kat......I love those pungent veggies, so I'm probably a Buddhist reject I guess.

K and S said...

Kirk :)

Take care.