Tuesday, October 27, 2020

gyoza no ohsho

We recently took out from Gyoza no Ohsho.

I ordered the yurinchi (fried chicken with a shoyu garlic ginger leek sauce) and tenshinhan (rice topped with a scrambled egg topped with a sweet sour slurry sauce)

I'm glad they packed the sauce separately from the fried chicken.

Satoshi had the hoikoro (cabbage with beef sauteed with an oyster sauce based sauce), tenshin-chahan (fried rice topped with a scrambled egg topped with a shoyu based slurry sauce) and gyoza.

Of course we don’t have a car, so by the time we walked hone with our food, some items were not as good as if we had eaten there.

But, it was a nice way for the gyoza snob to get his fix without putting ourselves (or others) in danger while eating in the restaurant.

Hope your week is going as well as can be.


Anonymous said...

Satoshi's looks so ono. Anything with that much cabbage looks ono :P

Yesterday, I tried Cane's chicken for the first time. We also did take out and the time it took to drive from Hi Kai costco to home, the fries were all soggy (yeech). The chicken was moist but also not as crisp as if we had eaten there.

I'm kind of disappointed that a lot of these places that are encouraging take outs for the pandemic do not take into consideration their packaging. Sometimes as little effort as not closing up containers or bags that have fries or waffles, foods that should remain crispy instead of steaming all sealed up.

Rowena said...

Satoshi's food looks like a feast. I guess you nuked the meals after getting back home, but the taste isn't the same as eating it right away when it's hot.

KirkK said...

What was Mr Gyoza's verdict Kat?

K and S said...

yeah steaming not so good V...

no it was still pretty warm by the time we got back, Rowena

since this shop is originally from Kyoto, he has always like this gyoza Kirk :)

Take care everyone.