Friday, October 23, 2020

this and that

I recently made Japanese Veggie Soup with Ginger and realized that I had a typo...sorry!

It should only use 3 cups of water instead of 6...hope this soup wasn't too watery when you made it.

I think this is a strawberry guava tree in our neighborhood which I discovered on a walk.

Wonder if they pick them when they ripen?

I should find out...maybe I can make guava jelly...

I don't think they even have an election coming up in Tokyo, but had to listen to this dude the other day who was parked right in front of our apartment building...

I think the weather dude said that we had only 3 days without craving sun, so I can open the windows.

According to our experts here, ventilation is important especially this year to cut down the amount of COVID germs floating around...

I really like this example of why we should wear masks that someone had posted on IG...have a safe weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hope you can make friends with the guava tree person! My mom just made a huge batch of jelly from the guavas at my daughter's house.

Ahahaha, love that mask analogy.

K and S said...

I don't know how much guava is actually needed to make jelly, V, but would be fun to try.

Take care.

KirkK said...

I've actually seen that poster in a couple of places always makes me laugh.

K and S said...

Makes so much sense Kirk :)

Take care.