Friday, September 10, 2021

this and that

Tokyo people...the traffic guy at a nearby pachinko parlor.
These guys were talking story...I was more interested in the NYPD police car parked...looks real too!
Since it is new month I bought some flowers for all the people that passed away in our lives...these sunflowers have also been brightening up the recent cloudy, rainy days.

We have been running out of ideas for lunch...dinner too for that matter.

Satoshi was happy that Kat let him drink beer on a weekday.

A sign of the season changing...Mount Fuji had some snow on top which was apparently a month earlier than last year.

All this rain has made the price of vegetables skyrocket.

As I was updating my recipe page, I think I might have erased some recipes, I hate how blogger updates soon after a change happens, I wasn't able to undo the!

I am a mosquito magnet…*scratch* *scratch*

Main branch of government is planning to have an election in a couple of weeks for the next Prime! which means all the media and the government is focused on this and not the!

I hate the fact that they are not in session but will come out of “hiding” just for the opposing parties said, "work on the pandemic from 9 to 5 and then you can talk about elections after those hours"...I think they should all be working on this pandemic 24-7…

Japan’s 2nd vaccine rate is only 49% and will slow down because they are running out of vaccines.

Hoping the "myu" variant from Colombia which seems to be resistant to vaccines doesn't increase in Japan especially since they've already found 2 cases...

Tokyo's numbers are still slowly going down, BUT severe cases and cases waiting for hospital beds are still high.

Hoping you all stay safe.

Have a nice weekend.


Rowena said...

I appreciate your updates on the virus updates; our numbers are nudging up a bit but we're still around 2% positive rates so....I take that as a win for now. I'm floored by the situation in Idaho - crazy anti-vax fools.

K and S said...

I saw the story about Idaho Rowena krazy! glad Italy’s numbers are somewhat under control.

Take care.

Alan said...

I too always have a had time thinking of things to make for dinner. I do all the cooking. My wife is a haole girl with a very narrow palate so there isn't that much that I can cook. She doesn't eat seafood except for deep fried fish (fish and chips) and mahimahi. She doesn't even eat ahi or shrimp or lobster. Her meats have to be very lean -- so that limits my options. Wish there was a website where we all could share ideas for meals and recipes!

K and S said...

wow that is rough Alan. Hope you can find more ideas to fit your wife’s tastes.

Take care!

KirkK said...

I'm holding my breath here; hoping we don't get a huge post Labor Day - Back to School surge.

K and S said...

Hoping your numbers will not get krazy Kirk!

Take care.