Friday, September 17, 2021

this and that

I baked banana nut bread with the muffin mix I received from Val.

I'm glad that there was a loaf pan option on the back of the box since my oven is too small to bake 12 muffins at once.

Even though my loaf pan is non-stick, I was lazy and didn't want to grease the pan (you know, just in case the bread got stuck), so I looked online for a way to make a loaf liner.

The batter went into the crevasse where the paper is folded at the ends but otherwise, this was an easy way to fold a liner and clean up was easy too.

As for the banana nut bread, I added 2 handfuls of chocolate chips and some ground flax seed.

It is a very moist bread with all the oil that goes into it.

I'm glad we got to try this, I have most of it in the freezer and we've been enjoying slices for breakfast.

It is kinmokusei (osmanthus) season. I love this fragrance.
My Flickr friend Genie, does a Paris People on her IG stories which inspired me to do Tokyo People...she's stumbled on some rather "ahem" moments...

Proof that it has been a blazing!

you should see my shorts line....
We tried this sweet potato ice cream made by Lotte for Family Mart.

So good!

Tasted like yakiimo (roasted sweet potato).

I'm glad we got to try this.

Tokyo People...this guy with all the cans is taking them illegally and can be fined.
Do you see the guy up in the tree?!
The leaves are starting to change...

Tokyo as well as the rest of Japan's case numbers are going down.

But, the severe cases as well as the deaths are quite high.

We are expecting a Typhoon Chanthu to pass over the weekend.

The typhoons of late have been weird, they start somewhere below Okinawa and start to move toward China and then "get stuck" in-between Japan and China, then the typhoon "re-groups" and moves up Kyushu and Honshu.

We've brought some things off of our lanai, but I think I may need to find space for the plants to come indoors too.

Hope you all are doing well.

Have a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha, those Paris people! What cracks me up is that they look middle aged!
I love that flower too. smells like apricot. My friend had bought me a couple, although they have now died, told me whenever it rains, they will bloom and they did! My neighbor has a pretty big bush too.

K and S said...

V, I think where you live is good to grow osmanthus :)

Take care!

jalna said...

Is that a mask on the first guy's wrist? LOL!!!

K and S said...

Jalna, eww yeah! I didn’t notice lol

Take care.

Saburo said...

Man, I got tan lines all over: The mask tan is especially annoying. I didn't start lathering myself in sunscreen until a few months into my daily walking routine.

K and S said...

I remember you looking for sunscreen Saburo, hope your mask line goes away soon!

Take care:)

KirkK said...

Ah yes.....Paris people.......

Rowena said...

what do you mean about that guy taking the cans illegally? is there a public receptacle for collection? we don't have a cashback program here for cans or bottles, but there are bins for recycling pickup (paper, glass, plastic).

K and S said...

Kirk :)

Take care!

K and S said...

Most cities in Japan hire a company to haul the recyclables away, Rowena, so this guy taking the cans is actually taking away “work” for the hired company, so the cities enforce fines to deter people from helping themselves to the cans.

Take care.