Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Morinaga's Renaissance is an amaretti cookie with a creamy milk chocolate covering, followed by cashew nuts and a semi-dark chocolate coating. They are individually wrapped so they are perfect for sharing :)

Remember the Kit Kat I posted about? I was surprised that they wrap them so that you can eat only half at a time...although I didn't...

It is election season here in Japan (didn't they just have one??) Anyway, this guy in the Minshutou (social liberal party) decided to roam around and speak through the speaker atop his car, using the surrounding building to bounce his speech off of, at the peak of Kat's nap time! (He was lucky he was INSIDE the car!)

The definition of urusai given by Sanseido's online dictionary is annoying, troublesome, tiresome. And if you use it in a sentence as in, Urusai! it means "shut up", "leave me alone" and "what a nuisance"! That would sum up my feelings....


Liz said...

It's been awhile since I've checked your site and I must say I seem to have missed a lot!

Thanks for reminding me about the one thing I did not like about Japan- Election Season. The old guys with sideparts or combovers and those glasses. All those vans clogging up traffic. Ech!

How are you guys? Up for a little MEME action? ;-)

K and S said...

Hi Liz,

Thanks for stopping by. The thing with their election season is that it seems like it is ALL year long :(

Meme? sure...let me know.

Take care.


Liz said...

This is a little old blogwise (2 months! OMG!) but I would love to read your answers if you don't mind taking a few minutes to do it.

Thanks :)

K and S said...

will think about it and post it :) Thanks Liz!