Monday, October 09, 2006

chocolates, sweets and other goodies...

Hope you enjoyed the first are the other goodies...

Le Chocolatier Takagi: marron truffle royal--chocolate covered marron (chestnuts) & orangette--dark chocolate covered candied orange peel

Message de Rose: semi-bitter & bitter chocolate roses, they come in various sizes, these are the medium size...Cute!

Sol Levante: Salame di Cioccolato--a log of 35% giandjua, hazelnuts and covered with powdered sugar made to look like salami.

Origines Cacao: The dark chocolate assortment--Quiza (acidic & bitter chocolate ganache), Origines Cacao (very bitter chocolate ganache), Maracaibo (natural ganache), Basil (basil infused ganache). The basil one had a nice flavor to it and all were very good and may have been even better with a nice dry glass of red wine.

La Maison du Chocolat: Tasse de Chocolat-chocolate "pearls" made with 4 different chocolate coatings of various origins and strengths. Add them to a nice hot cup of milk to make a delicious, rich cup of hot chocolate.

Dean & Deluca: A gourmet supermarket in N.Y.C.

I got these Firefly Tonics--made by a company in England--Self-Defense (wild orange and echinacea) and Detox (lemon, lime & ginger) tonics. Can't wait to try them.

Also got a Dean & Deluca dark chocolate with almond bar and these mints made especially for Dean & Deluca by Cocoa Bon. 100% peppermint centers covered with dark chocolate.

Del Rey: escargot-a dark chocolate outside with marron (chestnut) cream inside, dresse noisette-a dark chocolate ganache with a hazelnut atop.

Doughnut Plant: A New York doughnut shop--this is their famous "Black Out" doughnut, named after a real black out in N.Y.--A Valrhona chocolate cake doughnut with Valrhona chocolate cream filling and Valrhona chocolate glaze on top. Rich and sinful!

Well, that's all the foodie info, did you enjoy this foodie adventure as much as I did? I think I've gained about 5 pounds from this adventure...if not more! next post will be about Satoshi's Tokyo adventure :)

p.s. if you are planning to run around as much as I did, please get this subway ticket. It costs 1000 yen (about $10) and it lets you ride all day on all the TOEI & TRTA subway lines. I unfortunately didn't make back the amount I spent on this ticket, but had it been a sunny day, I think I may have.


Anonymous said...

The first thing that I noticed was the salame di cioccolato. I've seen them here but never thought to buy one! I think there's even a recipe in one of my books but....I'll wait to see if you post on how they taste first. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, gotta love more goodies :D. I too found the salami intriguing, lol, as well as the chocolate pearls you can use to make hot chocolate, yum. Those roses are adorable! Happy eating!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, all that chocolate! *whimpers* nofair!

jasmine said...

Oh wow...I love chocolate.


K and S said...

Hi Rowena, TM, Ellie & Jasmine,

Will definitely update when I try these :)

Take care.


p.s. if the cioccolato is good, Rowena, please share your recipe with me ;)

Anonymous said...

o I've got to go out and buy some chocoalte. I need a fix!

K and S said...

Get something rich and creamy, Barbara!

Take care.