Monday, April 02, 2007


There is always a good side and bad side to things.

The bad part of Spring...the awful dust cloud generated from China. It is called kosa and means yellow sand. It kind of looks like fog, but really kind of looks like a really bad case of pollution. Can you believe we are breathing this stuff now? Blah! Don't hang your laundry outside!!

The good part of Spring...all of the Spring crops are being brought into the markets. You can tell which products they are because the word shin (new) in front of everything.

Veggies like yellow or white onions are quite tender and sweet--great for roasting. Ginger is so tender, you could probably eat it raw and not twinge from the spicy bite. The outside of the ginger is white and needs no peeling at all.

So, what better way to use fresh ginger than for shogayaki (pork ginger). I have made this tons of times during the year, with one instance documented here. It is very easy, just marinate the pork overnight and cook the next day.

Most ginger that you find in the markets overseas have a brownish skin that can sometimes be a bit tough. But, DON'T take a knife to it! Use a spoon, yes, you read right, use a spoon. A spoon will "gingerly" scrape the skin off and there will be no waste of your precious ginger. I can't tell you how many times I have rolled my eyes at how wasteful some chefs on the Food Network were using their knives, hacking away at the ginger, ending up with little nubs...sigh!

So, now you've cooked your dishes and you have leftover ginger, what to do? Just cut it into little chunks and freeze it with the skins on. Then, just take it out before cooking and use your spoon to scrape off the skin...ginger all year round!


Rowena said...

Well I learned something new (and useful) about ginger today! heh heh, I say this while I hang my head in shame for how I used to prepare my ginger! Ouch...

That "deluxe" kim chee from the previous post sounded like something I'd love to make. What a great meal altogether!

K and S said...

I learn a lot from everyone's blogs too, Rowena! In fact, I was using my knife until I went to help my mom's church with their tsukemono last year and was given a spoon...

Take care!

Anonymous said...

I love spring because everything feels fresh and new. I also can enjoy my favorite flower, cherry blossoms too (but not anymore in Australia). However I don't like spring as much nowadays because of the yellow dust. I think that is an awful phenomenon indeed. I am so sorry for my family and friends in Korea. :(

And about the ginger, I use a spoon too to peel the skin. But my hubby used to use a peeler to peel before he met me. I thought that was hilarious. :)

bourgogne said...

excellent tips for ginger. i will try your spoon method next time. i also never thought about freezing it. duh! thank you!n

Anonymous said...

What a useful source of info Kat. I had no idea about the dust cloud or the ginger!

K and S said...

I feel for your family and friends in Korea, Sue! I saw what Korea and China look like on the news. It is due to a warm winter and not much snoe. A peeler for the ginger that does sound funny. :)

Hope it works for you Bourgogne!

Thanks Bea! I guess we learn a lot from each other :)

Take care everyone!