Thursday, March 13, 2008

wally ho's

I recently got an email from my friend Tom. You may remember that he and I had lunch at Wally Ho's earlier in my visit home.

I should have saved his email, but he wrote something to the effect of...When do you go back? I've been thinking about that blackened ahi plate at Wally Ho's. Need to go back...need to do this before you go back., after I smiled, then chuckled, I emailed him back and we arranged to have lunch.

Since he lives nearby, I picked him up and we were off to Wally Ho's.

So, he had...the blackened ahi plate (US$12.95) and said it was just alright. I asked him if he anticipated it to taste awesome and then was let down. But, apparently the fish wasn't fresh fresh, it tasted more fresh frozen.

I, on the other hand, loved my dish. I ordered the mini korean garlic chicken plate with tossed greens (US $6.95) The chicken had a slight coating, was fried then dunked in their korean garlic sauce. Tender and moist! I chose oriental dressing and it tasted like chinese chicken salad dressing (my favorite!) Not something to eat on a work day, or on a date, because of all the garlic, but really nice flavors!

It was a nice lunch chatting about his upcoming vacations and other life "stuff". (Thanks Tom!)


2kamuela47 said...

The korean garlic chicken looks ono! Was it spicy?

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - I just loved that photo of the Korean gaveme the "feel of home" where flavors are melded together to create a delicious dish.

K & S said...

No, it wasn't spicy, Laura, just really garlicky!

Thanks Kirkk! That's what I love about Hawaii, the melding of flavors :)

Take care you two.

rowena said...

Well at least one of the two meals were decent. And the garlic? Nah, I just grin and tell everybody, "Dontcha just wanna come right up and give me a great big kiss?" Muah!

K & S said...

You so funny, Rowena! :)

Take care.

TM said...

Yum, I love garlic too, the chicken dish looks delicious!

K & S said...

I hope next year when you come to Hawaii, you'll get to try it TM!

Take care.