Saturday, March 22, 2008

hawaii bakes and eats

In the last post, forgot to share with you some baking that I got to do with Mom this past week. Cinnamon rolls and pie crust manju. The rolls were delicious, not too sweet.

We didn't get to try the manju because she is planning to sell it at the Taste of Hongwanji on March 30th. This is an annual event held at the Honpa Hongwanji in Nuuanu. But, if you like flaky pie crusts and sweet bean paste, you'll love this.

We went to the Poke Stop for lunch today. The last time I went here was last year. Mom and Dad tried the Surf 'n Turf (US $9.00 +tax), I tried the Poached Shrimp Po'boy with Remoulade (US$8.95 + tax).

Mom and Dad both agreed that the meat was a bit tough, but if they had better plastic utensils, it might have been easier to eat. I liked what I chose, though the bread was a bit too hard for my liking. I ended up eating the salad with the shrimp and tossing most of the bread away.

It is Good Friday here, hope you enjoy the Easter weekend.


OkiHwn said...

Ahhh, vindicated - the meat was tough as I said!

K & S said...

Guess you were right, Nate! :)

Take care.

MamaBugs said...

Aloha Kat!
I see your mom guys attend Pearl City Hongwanji. My hubs aunty goes there along with other family members. If you attend once in awhile you probably know our fil is the soon to be retiring church President (Fred Nonaka).
Anyway...I sub to your blog via bloglines and drool over all the food! Hubs and I lived in Misawa about 20 years ago (he is Air Force) and finally had a tour on Oahu from 2002-2006. We miss everything being on the east coast now.
Stop by some time and talk story!

K & S said...

Thanks Mamabugs will definitely check out your site, Aloha from Hawaii :)

Take care.

biancorosso said...

Hello Kat :)

I'm drooling over the picture of those scrumptious looking cinnamon rolls!!

It's always a pleasure reading your blog!

Kat, HAPPY EASTER or as we say in Italian: Buona Pasqua!


Anonymous said...

I'd like some of those rolls, please. ;-)

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog regularly and was just thinking you must be enjoying the use of a full size oven to do your baking. I noticed that you normally have to cut your recipes in half in order to accomodate your smaller Japanese oven. Well, enjoy the rest of your stay in Hawaii and keep up the great blogging.

myra said...

I can't wait to try your mom's manju! We're going to there helping with my son's cubscout booth. Actually when I say "we" I mean my husband.

Have a Happy Easter Kat!

K & S said...

Buona Pasqua, Mari!

Happy Easter Paz!

Thank you Anon!

:) I hope you enjoy the event, Myra!

Take care everyone!